JUST LAUNCHED: Six Confessions of the Self-Serving Brain. This short book is a ‘prequel’ to Life of Brain, an exploration of the nature, origin and functions of conscious experience which is currently in production by Austin Macauley.

Written to interest the general reader, Six Confessions provides answers to questions such


  • The world seems to be ‘out there’. But does it only exist in my brain?
  • Who, or what is the real me?
  • Is reality only virtual?
  • What is consciousness for?
  • Do animals have consciousness?
  • Why are we so passionate about sex?
  • Why is pain important?
  • If my brain controls me, can I be held responsible for what Ido?
  • What are the unresolved mysteries of conscious experience?

For the first time the brain owns up to the illusions, confusions and delusions it has contrived ever since the beginnings of human consciousness. You will never think about your brain or mind in the same way again!

Written in an accessible and entertaining style, Six Confessions will whet your appetite for its ‘parent’ which will hopefully be ready for publication before the end of the year.

Six Confessions is now available as a paperback or Kindle book from Amazon.

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