Mid-Winter Bleak is a story for children 4 years and up. But it was also written for adult amusement. So reading it to a child should entertain both reader and listener (hopefully)! Some unsolicited comments from readers:

-Brilliant! (RC, Warwick)

-Love your book! It’s so clever Roald Dahl meets Spike Milligan meets Ray Fuller! The way the book has been produced is fantastic — feels good, looks good — I love the illustrations… (SF, Teddington)

-We love the book…It is a real triumph. (AR, Oxford)

-Excellent! (JW, Farnham)

Mid-Winter Bleak involves a critical role for goblins. These mischievous and sometimes malicious creatures also play a role in my upcoming story for children, The Butterfly, currently in production. Both form part of The Goblin Trilogy, in which the final story brings ultimate redemption for goblins. Its working title: Gobbo. Watch this space!

In an entirely different genre is Life of BrainAn Exploration of the Nature and Origins of Human Consciousness, also currently in production. It will be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered about the nature of conscious experience and the workings of what goes on in their heads. Students of psychology, philosophy and evolution may find it of particular relevance to their areas of inquiry.

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