Christmas Curiosity


“Did you ever wonder, Arwen, how Santa manages to get his presents delivered to every child around the world on the night before Christmas?”

“Yep. Always seemed to me to be a logistic challenge. Were I searching for a word to describe it, logistic challenge would spring to mind,” said Arwen.

“That’s two words, Arwen. Anyway, for one thing, I reckon all those Santa’s helpers we see around the place before Christmas – you know – in shopping centres and shops and at some parties and that – well I reckon they all gather together on Christmas eve to give ol’ Santa a helping hand.”

“You know what, you could well be right there, Tamzin,” said Arwen. “And what’s more I don’t think Santa can be restricted to a sleigh pulled by a team of reindeer as his sole means of delivery. For one thing, that mode of transport may be ok for the frozen north. But in the desert? Or in the middle of the equatorial rain forest? Or in Australia where it’s summer at Christmas time?

“It’d sure be far too hot there for reindeer. Maybe that’s why Rudolph’s nose got so red!” said Arwen with a grin.

“Ha!” exclaimed Tamzin. “I’m thinking Santa must use advanced modes of transport to fulfill his mission. Like giant cargo aircraft and helicopters and drones.”

“Yeh,” said Arwen, “drones would be the thing.  With satellite navigation they could drop presents precisely where he wants them delivered! I bet Santa’s been using them since, well since the beginning, zillions of years before we mere humans ever got the idea.”

“Probably laughs up his big red sleeve at the thought of our backwardness.”

“Just as well he’s in charge,” said Arwen.

“Yeh, and not our parents,” said Tamzin.

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